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Create Lightning and Visualforce pages in a drag-and-drop environment. Use various layouts and templates, along with 30+ components, to create the perfect pages that your users are asking for. Don't settle for the standard Salesforce layouts when you can create highly customized pages to suit your business needs.


Salesforce's power comes from its ability to centralizing data and create reports as an output. With mitoco, you can overhaul the way you handle tasks, calendars, workflows, chatter, and files within Salesforce. This allows your team to streamline platform communication to achieve faster results.

The Multi-View Calendar 2 (MVC2) is a Lightning Component that creates a simplified calendar to use within Salesforce. The MVC2 allows you to create and manage your Tasks and Events on your personal calendar as well as your team members. Scheduling events across your team should be simple, and with the MVC2, it is. Since MVC2 is a Lightning Component, you can also use the MVC2 within the Lightning Utility bar for fast access.

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