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Company Overview

Our Vision

At TerraSky, we see the driver of cloud computing shifting from monolithic corporate IT departments to the end-user. We will continue to innovate simple tools that empower the end-users to have the agility to respond to today’s rapidly evolving business needs.

Message from the CEO

Recent evolutions in IT have dramatically changed the way enterprise systems are built and used. Customers can no longer rely on a single package or even vendor to solve all of their IT needs. As such, many customers are using best-in-class applications from several independent vendors.


A side effect of using many different vendors and applications is that gaps emerge between these packages. Companies have often spent tons of time and money to fill in these holes to try to efficiently make use of their IT investments.

We at TerraSky have made it a pillar of our business to offer a better way to connect modularized packages and independent applications – a way that is in itself a modularized SaaS offering. Our business is in offering a quick and economical service to allow our customers to make use of today’s best in breed cloud applications without having to worry about how to get them to work together.

Our History

TerraSky Founder & CEO, Hideya Sato has dedicated his career to bridging the gap between US and Japan IT. After a 14 year career at IBM Japan, Hideya joined Japan in its formation stages and led the sales team through the US IPO of From this point on, Hideya became convinced of the forthcoming cloud revolution and formed TerraSky in 2006.

Originally focused on helping Japanese enterprises implement and realize the benefits of and cloud computing, TerraSky has since successfully implemented thousands of complex enterprise projects and has become Japan’s Best Public Cloud Implementation Company and is officially recognized by as their Best AppExchange Application Partner for Japan.

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