Next Generation Groupware Platform

mitoco is a groupware platform built on Salesforce. It’s designed to fill the gaps seen in today’s business atmosphere by providing collaborative workspaces that are secure, optimized for mobile, and scales to meet your needs.

Unlike traditional groupware platforms, you can use mitoco to communicate with both internal employees and external parties. This flexibility offers greater communication with your network of partners allowing for both parties to ensure they are effectively collaborating.

Seamless collaboration is within reach, inquire about pricing


Bulletin Board

Post bulletin messages to all users or a specific group of users


Schedule meetings on team member's calendars using daily, weekly, and monthly views

Chat Groups

Communicate with internal and external resources in chat communities

File Management

Share files with team members

Organization Management

Visualize your company's organization chart for quick changes and updates

To-Do List

Manage your tasks and your team member's tasks


Create approval processes to increase productivity

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