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Which Layout Should I Choose For SkyVisualEditor

I have been involved with Terrasky’s SkyVisualEditor development team for over a year now. The tool is filled with cool features that have been enhanced by the user’s requests. There are so many features, it is hard for me to keep up with what is in it and I guess users who have started using SkyVisualEditor might feel lost with so many features. In this blog, I would like to help the readers select the right template or layout to create the perfect Salesforce page.

With SkyVisualEditor, there are 8 template/layout types to choose from and I have made a Yes/No flow chart to help you find what you need.

Which layout should I choose?: Yes/No Flow Chart

I hope this chart will help you start off easier.

The layout with stamped is favored by the users for reasons described below:

Salesforce Layout

  • Create a rich Salesforce-like page with more than two columns or with tabs!

  • Save and edit Parent-Child object data, which is not a standard Salesforce feature. (Even a Grandchild data can be edited with Detail Panel!)

  • Display real-time calculation results.

Free Layout

  • Able to place fields and images anywhere you like. It is handy if you would like to keep the data in Salesforce but have needs to print out the pages.

  • Display real-time calculation results.

[Template] Search page

  • It has Salesforce View and Report feature, plus the ability to view and edit search results with different search conditions.

  • An easy Wizard template to guide you through.


I have introduced the first step in using SkyVisualEditor – choose the layout. There are so many features in SkyVisualEditor, and we will continue to post useful information to help you use it. Thank you for reading!

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