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TerraSky announces: "mitoco AI"

Updated: Jul 9

As of April 9th, 2024, TerraSky Inc. will begin offering a new service called "mitoco AI" that combines Salesforce and generative AI.

mitoco AI logo

mitoco AI learns the object structure of Salesforce and derives appropriate answers from data stored in the Salesforce organization in response to requests made by users. Internationally, we have combined mitoco AI and mitoco ERP, which integrates accounting and sales management systems on Salesforce, allowing users to access all data on people, things, money, and customer information across the board, making it easy to use and utilize the data required for decision-making. Since requests can be made in natural language, no technical skills are required for report creation or BI use. This allows users to quickly obtain the information they need, improving business efficiency and productivity.

Here is how it works: mitoco AI receives instructions or requests from the user, we then create the appropriate execution instructions to obtain the data necessary for the answer from the generative AI on Microsoft Azure, and then generate the appropriate answer from the business data in Salesforce. Since the data in Salesforce is not passed to the generative AI, it can be used safely without security concerns.

mitoco AI structure

mitoco AI Architecture

When mitoco AI receives instructions, it determines how to retrieve the data required for the answer from the object and requests the execution plan from the generative AI on Microsoft Azure. OpenAI issues SOQL (Salesforce Object Query Language) to retrieve the data according to the execution plan, and mitoco AI executes the SOQL to retrieve the data from the Salesforce object and returns the appropriate answer to the user.

Features of the new service: mitoco AI

  1. Learn Salesforce objects

  2. Generative AI answers in natural language

  3. Supports multiple languages

  4. Compatible with AppExchange applications


mitoco AI is our next product designed to help your team leverage Salesforce to its full potential. Being able to ask mitoco AI a series of questions and have it find the answers for you is an impressive feat that can save a lot of time when compared to building reports. If you find yourself in a position where you constantly are making reports to find the answers to questions that people are asking, then mitoco AI is made for you. You can find out more information by contacting Please keep in mind that we do not access, save, or store any of your Salesforce data outside of your organization during the use of mitoco AI.

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