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New Year - New Bundle

Updated: Feb 9, 2022

Happy New Year and welcome to the year 2022! The staff at TerraSky are excited to see what the year has in store for us and we hope that your team is eager to start the new year as well.

18 months ago the world temporarily shut down and had to figure out how to adjust to a new style of business and collaboration. Many companies didn't survive and those that did are still figuring out how to make the best of the constantly changing world. This being the case, we recognize that small businesses have needs to modify and create incredible UIs and UX for their end users - that much hasn't changed. In an effort to help some of these businesses reach their goals, we are creating a temporary bundle for SkyVisualEditor. Here are the details on this limited offer:

Until the end of February, you will be able to purchase bundles of 20 SkyVisualEditor user licenses for $2,022 per year - this is a significant discount from our list pricing. The user bundles that you purchase will remain the same price for the duration of your service. We are committed to helping create a better community one Salesforce environment at a time.

In December of 21' we launched v16 of SkyVisualEditor, which added many features for the Lightning Component design studio and several features for the Visualforce design studio as well. If you haven't had an opportunity to try out the new features, you can download the SkyVisualEditor package from the AppExchange and give it a test drive. If you have any questions about SkyVisualEditor or would like to discuss whether SkyVisualEditor meets your needs you can contact us at

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