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Helpful Links For SkyVisualEditor Newcomers

Hi! I am Akihiro Nigo, a sales rep for SkyVisualEditor.

SkyVisualEditor has been out in the market for four and a half years since its release in September 2010. It began from the Japanese market and grew into a globally recognized product. We were awarded for “Best AppExchange Application Partner” from Salesforce Japan for the product’s outstanding performance. I am sure that the product will get better and better as we receive and enhance user’s requests.

We have so many tutorials and reference to help SkyVisualEditor newcomers.  I would like to introduce the frequently used links to help you through.

  • SkyVisualEditor helpful resources

  • SkyVisualEditor use cases

  • SkyVisualEditor user reviews

SkyVisualEditor helpful resources

Getting familiar with a new product is a hassle. So we have made helpful tutorials and webinars to help you get started with SkyVisualEditor.

Don’t forget that we have a 14-day free trial for you to download and evaluate the product. It is easy to use and I hope you can let your friends and colleagues who use Salesforce know-how SkyVisualEditor can change their production environments.

There is an FAQ page to help you through too.

SkyVisualEditor  Use cases

SkyVisualEditor is not dedicated to a certain industry use or the size of the company. It can be widely used by any Salesforce Administrator. I’d like to share some of the great feedback from our SkyVisualEditor users:

  • SkyVisualEditor encouraged users to use Salesforce because of its greater User Experience.

  • The data is updated and accurate with more users willing to use Salesforce for their benefit.

  • Salesforce pages created by SkyVisualEditor decreased 80% of user stress.

Please check the below link for Use Cases too!

SkyVisualEditor User Reviews

You can also find user reviews posted on Salesforce AppExchange website.

If you like using SkyVisualEditor, please post your review to help other Salesforce users out there. We also appreciate your comments even if you were unsatisfied with the product. We will do our best to make the product better and help users maximize their Salesforce investment.

Thank you for reading!

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