Build Lightning Components

SuPICE – Pronounced “Spice”, is the world’s first app that allows users to create Lightning Components in a drag-and-drop environment. Create highly customized Lightning components to meet your ever changing business needs without having to be an advanced developer. With our drag-and-drop studio, you will be able to connect the basic building blocks necessary to make a Lightning Component, style the component to your needs, create the appropriate events and preview how it works before you ever deploy it to Salesforce.

Once you’re done designing your Lightning Component, simply deploy it to Salesforce and begin using your very own component within the Lightning AppBuilder. Click More, Code Less.

View Leaflet


Label Icon


Set field labels

Select List Icon

Select List

Utilize pull down lists

Accordion List Icon

Accordion List

A handy way to show data in a limited space. This list will expand and contract by click the arrow icon

Text Box Icon

Text Box

A Unit for text input

Check Box Radio Button Icon

Check Box / Radio Button

Display Check Boxes and Radio Buttons

Swipe List Icon

Swipe List

Right and Left swipe features to update or delete data. This is commonly seen in To-Do lists

Button Icon


Set the name and action of the button when clicked

List Icon


Show information as a list in a tile-like view

Detail Layout Icon

Detail Layout

Customize pages similar to the Salesforce detail page by placing multiple units