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Layouts & Templates

Salesforce Layout Icon

Salesforce Layout

Salesforce Layouts replicate the standard look of Salesforce pages

Wizard Template Icon

Wizard Template

Wizard Templates allow you to create pages with transition logic

Free Layout Icon

Free Layout

Free Layouts allow you to create pages that look like forms or PDFs

Dashboard Layout Icon

Dashboard Layout

Dashboard Layouts allow you to create pages for dashboards or home pages

Search Template Icon

Search Template

Search Templates allow you to create pages where users can find data quickly

Custom Lookup Template Icon

Lookup Template

Lookup Templates allow you to create lookups with advance search capability

"We have been using SkyVisualEditor for about 2 years and we highly value it. Even our system end-user, who is not a Salesforce expert, was able to create pages intuitively and the development time is much less than traditional development."

− Takeshi Kondo, AppExchange Review

"SkyVisuaLEditor is an extremely powerful tool. We have been able to transfer a handful of Visualforce project from our developers to our admins. The studio is simple and easy to use which allows us to turn projects around quickly."

− Aaron Genter, AppExchange Review

"SkyVisualEditor has enabled the complete digitization of previously Excel-based processes for us, by allowing us to visually represent data in the cloud in the format users need: grids, multiple columns, color-coded sections, etc."

− Alex Wallwork, AppExchange Review

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Features & Components

Image Component

Image Component

Add static images to the canvas

Fields Icon

Fields Component

Add standard or custom fields to your page

Custom Apex Icon

Custom Apex Extensions

Add custom Apex code into your pages

DataTable Component Icon

DataTable Component

Highly customizable tables of data

Static Text Icon

Static Text

Place static text on the page for instruction to the user

Buttons Icon

Button Component

Place custom buttons onto the canvas

PanelGrid Component Icon

PanelGrid Component

Use a PanelGrid to replicate the look of Excel

Related List Component Icon

Related List Component

Place standard related lists onto the page

Conditional Rendering Icon

Conditional Rendering

Show sections conditionally

Developer Only Component Icon

Developer Only Component

Add your own custom Visualforce code

Free Hand Input Component

Freehand Input Component

Capture signatures or drawings

Custom JavaScript Icon

Custom JavaScript

Add custom JavaScript into pages

Section Header Component Icon

Section Header Component

Add a section header to the top of your page

AppComponent Framework Icon

AppComponent Framework

Create your own custom components within SkyVisualEditor

Load Salesforce Layout Icon

Load Salesforce Layout

Use a Salesforce layout as a starting point instead of a blank page

Multirow DataTable Icon

Multirow DataTable Component

Use Multirow DataTables when you need larger quantities of columns in your related lists

Version Control Icon

Version Control

Record changes to your page so that you can recall specific versions later

Custom CSS Icon

Custom CSS

Add custom CSS into your pages

Chatter Component Icon

Chatter Component

Add Chatter to the page layouts

Details Panel Component Icon

Details Panel Component

Create a collapsible panel to show related information

Filters Icon

Data Filters

Add filters to your related information

Render As PDF Icon

Render As PDF

Render your page as a PDF

Tab Component Icon

Tab Component

Organize your page into intuitive tabs

Import Visualforce Page Icon

Import Visualforce Page

Import your pre-existing Visualforce page into our studio for modification

Labels Icon

Label Component

Edit fields labels as needed on the canvas