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AI tools to help you innovate through quick management decisions

mitoco AI is designed to help your management teams find the data they need in Salesforce effectively. Our AI learns your Salesforce objects and responds with the necessary data in an interactive manner using natural language.


mitoco AI will help you find the necessary information in Salesforce


Common challenges



Reporting Takes A Long Time

Creating reports takes a lot of time and this takes away from sales activities.

Use mitoco AI to quickly create sets of data that you can review or export.

Finding the Right Reports

Navigating the large roster of reports that the company has just to get answers to your basic questions can be a headache.

Dialog with mitoco AI about sales and marketing activity to gather the data you need at the speed you need it.

Under Utilized Salesforce Data

Your teams put a lot of data into Salesforce but it can be a hassle to view all of the desired information.

mitoco AI can help you gain business insights about your data so that it can actually be used to make an impact.

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