Why Do Efficient UIs Matter?

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We live in a society of fast paced digitally connected people with low attention spans. This causes people to get frustrated when things don’t operate as they expect. How does this relate to the world of business? Employees and entrepreneurs have systems that are put in place to help them be more efficient in their daily work or tasks. The challenge is that most systems do not keep their user interface (UI) up to the standards of the consumer as time passes. Read More

Quick Tips on Streaming API for Force.com Developers

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By Takashi Iwashita, Force.com Developer, TerraSky

If you are a Force.com developer, are you familiar with streaming API?

Have you ever had a chance to implement it to applications?

In this post, I will discuss using streaming API, which enables push notifications in Salesforce, by referring to the background techniques and operation overview, as well as by sharing some simple sample code.
I will also cover restriction matters too, so I hope this helps your understanding for your own projects. Read More

Execution Order of Apex

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By Taiki Yoshikawa, Force.com MVP

I would like to give you some tips concerning the execution order of Apex, as I myself once had a hard time trying to figure it out. I realized the Apex class processing was executed in a different order when there is an ‘action processing’ in a page tag on a Visualforce page. Read More

Useful SOQL

Useful SOQL

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By Ikou Sanuki, Force.com MVP


In Force.com, there is a Salesforce specific query language called SOQL (Salesforce Object Query Language), which is used for accessing a database from a program. As sentence structures of SOQL are almost the same as SQL, there would not be much trouble in learning SOQL if you have any experience with SQL. Read More

How Do You Tackle Data Quality Issues

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Today we are launching TerraSky Inc.’s tech blog and what better way to do that than to announce new and expanded partnerships over the course of the next few blog posts. TerraSky has recently partnered with a company called Springcreek Systems to help tackle the movement of clean and standardized information between systems. Springcreek Systems is a company that specializes in data de-duplication, matching and standardization.

Springcreek’s Blackbird Match Engine is the only multi-domain standalone matching engine that can be easily embedded in any application. Blackbird can be customized to fit almost any need – and match anything from contact to product data. It also works on Windows and Linux, so no matter what technology stack you’re using, Blackbird can plug right in. Read More