Creating A HTTP Callout Test

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I recently stumbled across a blog that was posted a few months ago by our Japanese office that I found very interesting. The post was by one of our Engineers named Daichi Mizoguchi. In that post he walked people through how to setup a Visualforce page and some Apex code to perform an HTTP request to a Weather service’s API. I know connecting to APIs is something that people commonly struggle with here in the US as well, so I took this blog post’s inspiration from the work he did and rebuilt all of the code to work with a weather service in the US for us to test and interact with. So a big thanks and shout out goes out to Daichi Mizoguchi for thinking of this. Read More


Visualforce & Lightning – What’s the Difference?

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Salesforce developed an open source generic framework called Aura. Aura, in conjunction with the Force namespace, has created many of the new technologies that Salesforce has released under the umbrella of Lightning. The Process Builder, Lightning App Builder, Community Builder, Salesforce1 Mobile, etc. are all built using the Aura framework with the components specifically designed for Salesforce (Force namespace). The Aura framework can easily be compared to Google Polymer or Mozilla Brick in that it is designed to produce modular components. This is very different from how Visualforce is deisgned, but we will address that later in this Blog. I figured that it was time to address a few questions I’m asked frequently: Read More


Are You Handling Salesforce Effectively?

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Effective in Salesforce? Marc Benioff recently stated that even after all these years, a lot of companies fail to use CRM in the right way: to keep themselves connected to their customer base. “The reality is a lot of our customers still don’t have a comprehensive customer database, their core employees are not connected in a robust way with their customers…That remains the biggest opportunity.” According to Experian, “83% of CIOs believe data is an asset that is not fully being exploited” Read More


Let’s Make A Salesforce App For Android Wear

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By S. Totsuka

Hello! Did you get a chance to see the Apple Watch yet? I bought a Smart Watch3 last year and have been playing with it for a while. Before, it was hard for me to catch the alert from my smartphone when I had it in my pocket. Now with the direct vibration to my wrist, I don’t miss the notifications anymore. And also, I don’t have to go through the fuss of taking out the phone from my pocket every time I need to check something. I am sure that the smart watch has various usage possibilities. Read More


Helpful Links For SkyVisualEditor Newcomers

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by Akihiro Nigo

Hi! I am Akihiro Nigo, a sales rep for SkyVisualEditor.

SkyVisualEditor has been out in the market for four and a half years since its release in September 2010. It began from the Japanese market and grew into a globally recognized product. We were awarded for “Best AppExchange Application Partner” from Salesforce Japan for the product’s outstanding performance. I am sure that the product will get better and better as we receive and enhance user’s requests. Read More