Visualforce CSS Overhaul – DataTables

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Many customers have sent me emails over the past few months inquiring about how to make certain parts of a Visualforce page look different. This is the first of a three part blog series, starting with this one, to show how you can easily modify various parts of SkyVisualEditor Visualforce pages. The process we will discuss is no different than if you wanted to hand code and style a traditional Visualforce page. Here are the tools you’ll need to follow along with this blog series: Read More


Visualforce Development Strategy

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When I work with our customers, I am frequently asked how to best handle changes with Visualforce in their production environment. I’ve noticed a trend that many companies do not have a deployment strategy at all, much less a formal and documented process. Whether your go-to strategy is configuration or customization, my hope is that you can begin to develop a simple deployment strategy after reading through this blog.  Read More


Upcoming Lightning Experience Navigation Changes

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Salesforce Lightning has been a buzz word in the Salesforce ecosystem for the past 2 years. However, most companies that I speak with are unable to actually utilize the new Lightning Experience due to the infancy and restrictions on the new model of design. Specifically, there is a huge roadblock with not being able to easily access custom apps or tabs with a single click. Read More


Accelerate Salesforce Knowledge With Trailhead

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Salesforce is a massive platform and can be extremely overwhelming to pick up and learn. Being actively engaged as a Salesforce admin I tend to forget how difficult it can be to jump into the Salesforce ecosystem and not feel absolutely lost for a little while. I recently was speaking with a few friends who were looking to begin the process of “learning Salesforce” and they asked me for my opinion on where to start. Trailhead was the first thing that popped into my head and I quickly got them the necessary links to get started. Read More


4 Things Games Can Teach Us About Salesforce UIs

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Video games started out as a small hobby for a niche group of people in the early 70s-90s, but now it is a massive industry that has all walks of life partaking in it. More specifically, over the past 10 years I’ve seen some large trends in games and game design that have begun to creep into other areas of our life. In business, this is notably seen by the arrival of gamification to apps and platforms that we use. How does this apply to Salesforce you might ask? Well video games and Salesforce have 2 large things in common: 1) they are both software and 2) they have UIs that implement some backend process. Read More


Salesforce Configuration Vs. Customization

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Here at TerraSky we often encounter people who are fairly new to working with Salesforce and are looking to turn the platform into something that meets their business needs. The Salesforce platform is a powerful tool that is highly configurable and extremely customizable. Usually people use those terms fairly interchangeably, but in the Salesforce ecosystem they mean very different things. I wanted to take some time to help explain what the difference is between configuring Salesforce and customizing Salesforce. Read More


Use SuPICE to Create A Lightning To-Do List

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Salesforce Lightning has been out since a little before Dreamforce of 2015, but we haven’t seen many companies actually use the new Lightning Experience. After doing a bit of research and surveying of our customers and prospects we figured out that many companies still have decent sized road blocks that stand in their way for adopting Salesforce Lightning. For now, we are going to focus in on just things that apply to Lightning Experience, which is the UI portion of the platform. Read More