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June Webinar – 2016

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Salesforce Classic and Lightning look and feel very different from each other and this has caused some companies to be very hesitant to make the plunge into Lightning. In addition, Lightning is still in its infancy and has some limitations for what can be customized. Salesforce is hard at work on improving these limitations and the overall Lightning experience. Until then, for those of us who want the better looking UI but must remain in Classic we are hosting a webinar that will cover how to make your Visualforce pages look like Lightning pages. That’s right, learn how to get that new clean looking UI even while you are in Classic! This webinar will be a bit more technical than our previous webinars as it will cover things like CSS.

June Webinar – Making Visualforce Pages Look Like Lightning

Blog: Accelerate Salesforce Knowledge With Trailhead

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Salesforce is a massive platform and can be extremely overwhelming to pick up and learn. Being actively engaged as a Salesforce admin I tend to forget how difficult it can be to jump into the Salesforce ecosystem and not feel absolutely lost for a little while. In this blog to aim to help new people figure out how to learn Salesforce quickly and effectively by using Trailhead.

Accelerate Salesforce Knowledge With Trailhead

Blog: 4 Things Games Can Teach Us About Salesforce UIs

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Video games are a massive multi-billion dollar industry and this industry has grown at an amazing rate. Over the last 10 years there are several rapid changes that cause large shifts in the way games are made. Over the last 10 years software, although it moves forward, does so at a significantly slower pace. In this blog we look at a few trends that we have seen in the gaming industry that are now making their way into the business arena.

4 Things Games Can Teach Us About Salesforce UIs

Blog: Salesforce Configuration Vs. Customization

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Salesforce configuration and customization are often confused terms and many times are used as synonyms. In the Salesforce ecosystem it is important to understand that there is a big difference between these two terms and how it can impact your business’ implementation of Salesforce. In this blog we cover the basics of what do people mean when they say they are customizing Salesforce and how is that different from configuring it? Why does it matter?

Salesforce Configuration Vs. Customization

Blog: Creating A HTTP Callout Test

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Connecting to external data sources and APIs is a common requirement when implementing Salesforce company wide. Understanding how to connect to these external data sources can be a challenge for many developers. In this blog to aim to show you how to handle building out a simple application that connects to an API using HTTP requests, parses the response, displays the data onto a Visualforce page, and then create the proper test classes for those requests.

Creating A HTTP Callout Test

Blog: Visualforce & Lightning – What’s the Difference?

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Since TerraSky offers SaaS platforms to build and design Visualforce Pages and Lightning Components we are commonly asked “What’s the difference?”┬áIn this blog we address the most common questions we hear when people are looking into how Visualforce and Lightning are the same and different. Here are a few of the other common questions that are addressed:

  • Will Visualforce go away now that Lightning is here?
  • What’s going to happen to all of my current Visualforce stuff?
  • Is there a way to convert Visualforce to Lightning?

Most importantly: Visualforce & Lightning – What’s the Difference?